Bowie, MD: Digital Collections Technician (term), Corestaff Services

Job Opening Title: Digital Collections Technician

Employer Name: Corestaff Services

Job Location: Bowie, MD

Application Deadline: January 15, 2020

Link to job posting:

Years of experience required: One

Job Description (if URL to posting not available). Please include instructions for how to apply.: Digital Collections Technician (DQCT 0011)

Corestaff Services is seeking a qualified candidate for the position of Digital Collections Technician of at a Museum facility located in Bowie, MD. This position is part of a multi-year government contract with present funding for one year.

Duties and Responsibilities:
Processing: Following established procedures and industry best practices, works with responsible digital collections management staff in analyzing and participating in arrangement or rearrangement of the digitized archival collections. Works with existing collections management systems to track and document the digitization process. Working with existing operating procedures, adjusts, monitors, and maintains imaging specification in order to meet image quality standards appropriate to materials being imaged. Reports issues or anomalies to responsible staff. Processes metadata relating to image files, using existing tools and procedures.
Inventorying: Contributes to the ongoing task of ensuring that all digitized archival files are accounted for and inventoried. Verifies number of files, reconciles collections documentation with respect to digitized files, assures proper naming of digitized files and assures their correct organization within the file system and digital asset management system. Creates records in appropriate databases relating to sets of digitized files. Notes discrepancies in naming or content and reports to responsible staff and acts in accordance with received directions.
Identifying Digitized Files: Works with responsible digital collections management staff and other Museum staff to identify and assure control, consistency and correctness of digitized files. Based on understanding of subject matter as well as technical understanding of equipment and the nature of the digital files, and assures proper tracking of each digital file. This includes comparing physical paper to digital files and verifying metadata. Uses various Museum-supplied tools to track, identify, and ensure quality control and correctness of image files. Works with responsible staff when required to adjust operating procedures.
Computer File Tracking: Using received tools and processes, plans, checks, and updates all image files and, using existing tools and procedures, safely transfers them onto network storage devices. Transport physical media (e.g. local hard drives) between storage locations and attach and detach media to and computer workstations.
Preservation: Uses a combination of tools provided by the Museum and tools generated specifically for the purpose of verification of preservation data such as file size, date, and checksums. Uses independent judgment to address any apparent discrepancy related to preservation of digital files and related metadata files.

Minimum Qualifications:
• Bachelor’s degree and one year of experience preferred.
• Knowledge of fundamental digital collections management processes and methods sufficient to handle and review digital assets.
• Familiarity with computer-based techniques for all pertinent types of digital objects, including the maintenance of relevant records. Knowledge of digitization for access and preservation, methods of image digitization and specifications used for these purposes.
• Knowledge and experience with databases or other software programs designed to manage digital assets.
• Knowledge and experience in the processing, color comparisons/correction, conversion, cropping, deskewing, inventorying, tracking, copying, and preservation using a wide variety of tools to ensure proper and safe processing of files.
• Experience using tools and processes to check and update all image files and, using existing tools and procedures, safely transfer files onto network storage devices.
• Knowledge of Museum collections management processes and methods sufficient to handle potentially fragile documents, photographs, publications, and other archival materials for purposes of digitization.
• Experience with tracking, monitoring, and reporting progress of the digitization operation.
• Knowledge and experience of the analysis and arrangement or rearrangement of digitized archival collections.
• Some experience and knowledge of methods of using commonly-used desktop and cloud applications such as Microsoft Excel. Ability to work productively in a networked Microsoft Windows business environment.
• Ability to communicate effectively, orally and in writing, to provide technical information and training, and to resolve problems.

Additional Information:
This position is located in the Digital Assets Management and Preservation Division. The Division is responsible for the growing digital collection comprising of tens of millions of image files, tens of thousands of hours of video and audio media, hundreds of thousands of descriptions of items in our Collection, and several sources of metadata. The Division endeavors to provide better user interfaces to support those using the collection via the web and by internal staff, manages or advises on Museum digitization projects, and is responsible for the preservation of all digitized Museum assets. The incumbent in this position works under the direction of the Director of the Division.
The successful candidate must be self-directed and self-motivated, able to work in a team environment, highly organized and have a detail-oriented approach to responsibilities. The position addresses digitization processes, quality control of digitization processes, and internal and web access to digitization output. Quality Control processes will include materials having been digitized by the Museum directly. The position has continuing responsibility for performing tasks relating to quality and post-processing of digital images, raising issues and problems, and efforts to continuously improve throughput, efficiency, and image quality. Activities include processing, color comparisons/correction, cropping, deskewing, inventorying, tracking, copying, preservation, and access using a wide variety of tools to ensure proper and safe processing of files.
Guidelines consist of professionally accepted digital collections management techniques and practices. Incumbent is expected to adhere to established digital collections management practices and procedures as well as generally accepted technical standards.
Incumbent is expected to perform a variety of assignments, ensure technical accuracy at all times, contribute suggestions for improving the various systems currently in use, and report problems affecting work to the responsible staff member.
The incumbent’s work will affect the accuracy, reliability, and acceptability of further work processes, and will facilitate the work of other people, both inside and outside the organization. The incumbent’s work directly affects the physical safekeeping and integrity of the Museum’s digital collections stored both on-site and off-site. In some cases, the digital files represent the only carrier containing the important content and thus are irreplaceable and extremely valuable. Without continued professional care and documentation, these irreplaceable oral testimony interviews will neither be available to the public nor accessible for scholarly research now and for future generations.

Further Information
This is a full time contract position with benefits, including ten paid federal holidays, paid vacation and paid sick leave, Affordable Care Act (ACA) compliant health insurance and 401(k). There is no company sponsored relocation.
Corestaff Services is a nationwide professional staffing services firm, specializing in administrative/clerical, information technology, library/museum, records management and human resources placements.
Corestaff Services is an Equal Opportunity Employment Employer. People from racial minority groups, veterans and the disabled are strongly encouraged to apply.

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