Orlando, FL: Content Management Intern, Ripley Entertainment Inc.

Content Management Intern
The Content Management Intern will work at Ripley Entertainment Inc. world headquarters in Orlando, Florida. As part of the Intellectual Property/Content Management Team they will assist with both digital asset workflow and physical media tracking.  Ripley content is interesting and unique and ranges from historical Robert Ripley photos to all types of attraction branding and publishing media.  The Content Management Intern will be trained to use our state-of-the-art DAM (digital asset management) system and gain practical experience in content management best practices.

1. Process incoming digital files (renaming, inspecting, organizing).
2. Upload files to DAM system (cataloging, keywording and tagging relevant metadata).
2. Batch processing of assets as assigned.
3. Run routine quality control checks on processed assets.
4. Inventory video and audio physical media in the Ripley archives, label and sort, enter into spreadsheet, add metadata, and upload in MediaBin.
5. Other duties as identified and assigned.

Enrolled in a degree program where managing digital assets is a core skillset (Library Science, Digital Arts, Information Technology).  Should be able to show relevant coursework completed.

• Experience working with digital assets of all types: images, videos, audio, graphics, text-based.
• Experience with Adobe products
• Proficient with Microsoft products
• General computer knowledge
• Working knowledge of cataloging systems and tools for content management.

Role specific abilities/skills
• Strong communication and interpersonal skills
• Organized, detail oriented.
• Attention to detail and great follow-up skills essential

This is a paid internship requiring 20-30 hours per week at our Orlando offices. If interested, please forward your resume and a cover letter to Andrew Nelson, nelson(at)ripleys.com


Deadline for submission is March 31, 2014.

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