Two Announcements: New Tag, and an Interesting Link!

A couple of things before I leave you this Tuesday:

Thing the First: Due to a conversation on Twitter today, I have decided to start tagging tenure track archivist positions posted on here, starting now.  I have not historically tagged these positions, but now you will begin to see the tag “tenure track” show up!  Huzzah!  (You can always shout suggestions my way on Twitter or by Email.  Facebook’s a little more iffy, I don’t always see it.)

Thing the Second: Stephanie Bennett has done a lot of work on a Salary Survey of archivists, also known as How Much Did You Earn in 2013?  Very interesting data in here for archivists at all levels of their careers, go check it out!


(thing the third, because counting is hard): I am going a-conferencing at the Wisconsin Library Association annual conference, so my postings may be light for the next couple of days.


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