Unpaid Internship Posting Decision

Hi Everyone,

First of all, I really appreciate all of you taking the time to share your opinions with me regarding my question posed in this post. I received about 20 comments in all via email, WordPress, and Twitter.

I received more comments asking to continue posting unpaid internships, than those asking that I discontinue. Conversely, the poll shows that a few more people are in favor of discontinued posting of unpaid internship positions.

Here are the poll results as of this morning:

poll results 3-9-16

My mission with Archives Gig has always been to serve all archivists and archivists-to-be who are looking for work that will advance their careers. Through the comments and the poll responses, it’s clear to me that information about unpaid internships is still useful to hundreds of people who are using AG.

Therefore, I will continue posting both paid and unpaid internship opportunities. When it’s clear that the intern will be paid, I will note that in the post title. (For example: Anytown, USA: Paid Archives Intern, University of Anytown”) If it’s clearly unpaid or if I’m not certain, I won’t use the word “paid” in the position title. (Aside: For the love of Pete, please note whether your internships are paid in the position posting, job description writers!) Every internship will continue to be tagged “internship.” I will not create separate tags for paid vs. unpaid – there are simply not enough internship postings to justify micro-level organization.

Finally, I want to acknowledge that unpaid internships remain a problematic part of several career tracks, archivists included. I sincerely hope that we continue working toward a future where these opportunities are open to everyone, not just those who can afford to work without monetary compensation.

Warm Regards to All,


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