Hanover, NH: Film Archive Intern, Dartmouth College

Job Opening Title: Film Archive Intern

Institution/Organization Name: Department of Film & Media Studies, Dartmouth College

Job Location (City, State, Province, Country): Hanover, NH

Application Deadline: May 1, 2017

Link to job posting:

Years of experience required:

Job Description (if URL to posting not available). Please include instructions for how to apply.: Summer Internship (Jun-Aug, 2017, dates negotiable)
Hanover, NH
Minimum 30 hours/week (unpaid)
Supervisor: John Tariot, Film Video Digital
Send cover letter & resume to Prof. Mark J. Williams (Mark.J.Williams@dartmouth.edu)
Apply by May 1, 2017

We request a graduate student intern with experience in film handling and inspection to come to Dartmouth College during summer 2017 to inspect, de-vinegarize, and enhance a historic collection of 35mm and 16mm film prints. The intern would be supervised by AMIA member John Tariot–whose home studio for preservation and digital transfer is blocks away from the Dartmouth campus–and will also be supported by Film & Media Studies departmental faculty and staff.

The intern would be expected to inventory the collection (over 1000 prints), check prints against the existing list, add prints to the list that are not already on the list, and remove prints that have started to exhibit symptoms of vinegar syndrome. The remaining prints will be placed onto cores and placed into new storage containers as necessary, be examined using shrinkage gauges and A/D strips to test the chemical degradation of each print, and be repaired for severe damage and annotated regarding any additional need for splice and damage repair. The intern will consult with faculty and staff about the value/rarity of markedly decaying and damaged prints, assist in making a plan to utilize damaged/chemically-degraded films (use for found footage editing, send to NE Historic Film, dispose of, etc.), and work with faculty and staff to provide a system of access to these films (including logistics of projection).

This is a carefully curated collection that was first developed in the golden era of academic motion picture acquisitions. It includes varied content across educational, documentary, short subject, experimental, animation, advertising, and commercial features with emphases in sociology, art history, psychology, the hard sciences, and film and media studies. A few years ago Rick Prelinger described the overall collection as one of the best he has ever seen for an institution of our size. The collection serves as a resource for Dartmouth’s Film & Media Studies curriculum; for use in both traditional and experimental projection events; and hopefully also serve for emerging research projects (Digital Humanities, Media Ecology Project, etc.).

The work space for the student intern would entail two workrooms and a third optional space with hooded ventilation if needed. The primary space is a comfortable and windowed workroom conveniently located just down the hall from the collection itself, in which we will provide an inspection station (16mm rewinds and viewers), other materials necessary for print inspection and repair, plus a 16mm Steenbeck. (Print frailty will determine which viewing apparatus to be utilized.) For our 30 or so 35mm prints, we will need to utilize the inspection bench in the projection booth of the Loew Auditorium in our new Black Family Visual Arts Center. (This will require physically moving the prints across campus, for which we can assist.)

Summer rental options are fairly diverse in Hanover and the Upper Valley. White River Junction is a nearby historic town with a thriving arts scene. Summer is a lovely season here, plus a true academic quarter on campus, which means varied screenings and artistic and scholarly events all summer long. The options for recreation in New Hampshire and neighboring Vermont are endless; Montreal and Boston are 2-3 hours away.

Applicants should send cover letter and resume to Prof. Mark J. Williams (Mark.J.Williams@dartmouth.edu) by May 1, 2017.