There’s still time to make appointments at the SAA Career Center in Portland!

Hi Everyone!

I’m happy to be coordinating the SAA Career Center counselor booth again this year. We have tons of wonderful archival professionals at all types of institutions who do lots of different kinds of things, and they are all excited to meet you! Whether you’re a student, a new professional, or even a mid-career person looking to make a change, our volunteers would love to meet you and talk about how you can meet your career goals. We also have a separate and likewise fabulous program that offers the opportunity to do mock job interviews with volunteers! Interested in learning more and scheduling time to meet? Read on!

If you are looking for a job, have a vacancy to fill, want practice interviewing, or would like to polish your resume with a peer counselor please visit the Career Center at the 2017 SAA annual meeting, A Like / Different.

Located in the Networking Cafe the career center is open:

  • Wednesday, July 26: 8:00 am ā€“ 4:00 pm
  • Thursday, July 27: 8:00 am ā€“ 4:00 pm
  • Friday, July 28: 8:00 am – 4:00 pm

The 2017 career center will offer:

  • Handouts on resume building and cover letters
  • Resume review by appointment
  • General career consulting by experienced SAA members
  • Posted job announcements
  • A place to post your resume
  • Mock interviews
  • Digital preservation drop-in center for info on furthering a career in digital preservation

SAA annual meeting attendees may schedule an appointment in advance for consultation with a career counselor. Please email Meredith Lowe at to request an appointment. Appointments are limited – the deadline to request an appointment is July 10th.

Here is a link to a Google sheet of the current schedule of counselors. Take a look and plan to make an appointment with advisors who seem most likely to be a good match for your needs. (schedule listed on Sheet 1, short counselor bios on Sheet 2). Note, any volunteer name in red already has an appointment booked; volunteer names in black are still available for you to book. Please also note that your name will not be publicly displayed on the schedule, so that it’s as private as possible that you’re meeting with a career counselor. Again, to schedule please contact me at If you miss the July 10th deadline to schedule an appointment, you may drop in at the career center pending counselor availability.

Offered again this year, SAA annual meeting attendees can sign up for mock interviews. If interested, please email Jennifer Motszko at: Interview appointments are limited ā€“ the deadline to request an interview is July 10th. Mock interviewers will be assigned to simulate an interview setting.

Employers who would like to have their positions posted or would like to meet with potential employees in the career center should contact the for information.

Questions? Let me know!

Meredith Lowe,

SAA Career Development Subcommittee


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