REVISED: Washington, DC: RFQ Contract Audiovisual Archivist, Smithsonian Institution Archives

Job Opening Title: Reissue: Smithsonian Institution Archives contractor position – Washington, DC

Institution/Organization Name: Smithsonian Institution Archives

Job Location (City, State, Province, Country): Washington DC

Application Deadline: June 8, 2018

Link to job posting:

Years of experience required: 3

Job Description (if URL to posting not available). Please include instructions for how to apply.: This is a revised announcement of the Smithsonian Institution Archives contractor position – Washington, DC, RFQ-2018-SIA-D02. The previous RFQ dated May 4, 2018, is no longer valid. If you distributed the previous one elsewhere dated May 4, 2018, please send this updated RFQ. Deadline has been extended to June 8, 2018. Thank you.

The Smithsonian Institution Archives is seeking a Fixed Price bid for a contract audiovisual archivist to assess and process electronic records from the Science Media Group (SMG) Video Collections from the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory (SAO). Please see the Request For Quote (RFQ) and Statement of Work (SOW) at

Bids must be submitted via email to Lynda Schmitz Fuhrig ( and cc’d to RoseMaria Estevez ( by 12 p.m. Eastern, Friday, June 8, 2018.

This project received Federal support from the Smithsonian Collections Care and Preservation Fund, administered by the National Collections Program and the Smithsonian Collections Advisory Committee.