Los Angeles, CA: Head of Photograph Collections, Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences

Job Opening Title: Head of Photograph Collections

Employer Name: Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

Job Location: Los Angeles, CA

Application Deadline:

Link to job posting: https://www.oscars.org/careers

Years of experience required:

Job Description (if URL to posting not available). Please include instructions for how to apply.: Summary:
The Head of Photograph Collections oversees the acquisition, processing, storage, handling, and preservation of the (12 million+) photographs in the library’s archive. Additionally, this position is responsible for maintaining relationships (with donors, patrons, studios, and other Academy-affiliated persons relating to photograph archive-activities), creating and curating of various Academy exhibits at Fairbanks and Pickford Center, and consulting with the Academy Museum on curating of exhibits and purchasing of photographic materials for the Photograph Archive.

Reporting to the Director of the Margaret Herrick Library, the Head of Photograph Collections oversees the Digital Imaging Specialist, Photograph Archivist, Digital Archive Librarian and Photograph Department Coordinator.

• Seek appropriate additional collections and individual items (photographs, negatives, etc.) via donation and limited purchase. Arrange for transportation of acquired materials.
• Make decisions regarding adding items offered as donations to the library.
• Manage borrowing of material from other institutions and individuals to enable copying for library files. (This can also include research and working with other studios and individuals to create digital duplicates for the library.)
• Oversee the borrowing of donor institutions the photo materials relating to that institution – this includes all communication, transport, exchange, and return of materials.
• Help select appropriate photographic materials as needed for Academy activities.
• Provide needed information/captions regarding materials selected for Academy exhibitions, programs, and publications.
• Oversee the arranging and tracking location of photograph collections located at both Fairbanks and Pickford buildings. Assign staff when needed for rearrangement of collections in various vaults.
• Arrange for needed conservation work, to be completed by Conservation Technician.
• Work with the Photograph Archivist to ensure all gifts, purchased acquisitions, and loans are noted in the Accession Manager, Collection and Location Manager databases.
• Work with Photograph Archivist on acquiring digital images for current films.
• Work with Photograph Archivist in setting goals for Photograph Processors in the completion of various projects – processing, conservation, relocation – and meet regularly with staff to monitor progress.
• Work with Photograph Archivist in the prioritizing of photo materials for digitization, along with relocating collections as needed, and deaccessioning of photo materials as needed.

• Master’s degree in film studies, photography, or a related field that includes emphasis upon archival preservation.
• Thorough understanding of the preservation and care of photographs.
• Thorough knowledge of modern archival theory, archival standards and practices.
• Working knowledge of current visual materials cataloging standards and processing standards for photographic and other visual materials collections.
• Familiarity with databases such as Inmagic, integrated library systems such as Voyager and the MARC format, and with digital asset management systems.
• Knowledge of American film history, with broad awareness of major film artists.
• Ability to communicate both simple and complex ideas effectively, both orally and in writing, to people with varying degrees of knowledge of archival theory and practice.
• Must be organized, self-motivated, and detail-oriented, with strong communication and problem-solving skills.
• Ability to lift and move moderately heavy boxes (25-50lbs.) to and from high shelving.