Culver City, CA: Data Workflow Facilitator – Asset Management (term), Sony Picture Entertainment

Sony Pictures Entertainment’s Department of Asset Management is seeking a Data Workflow Facilitator for temporary (1 year) employment. Please see job description below; we are looking to hire ASAP. Interested parties can submit their resume to Michael Friend (

Job Title: Data Workflow Facilitator

Department: Asset Management

Job Type: Temporary (1 year)

Core Responsibilities:

  1. Data Workflow Facilitator supports data accession, movement and documentation across a wide range of functions through Asset Management workflows using the GOLD database.  Facilitators will be responsible for managing projects to help eliminate the digital archive backlog.
  2. Commissioning work: Facilitator prepares purchase orders as may be needed to advance the workflow, such as acquisition of data or services from vendors, movement, storage, migration or other processing.
  3. Managing data traffic: Facilitator tasks include accession, documentation of data location and movement, contact with Production facilities regarding deliveries, maintenance and verification of shipping manifests, records and logs and tracking and directing the movement of data resources across the phases and venues of the digital workflow.
  4. Documentation of data resources:  Facilitator creates documentation of physical and data resources in the GOLD database. The Facilitator creates, modifies and manages data records for various stages of storage, retrieval, documentation and migration as directed.

Experience desired:

This position requires 2-3 years of experience working within the film and video industry (or equivalent educational qualifications), with technical understanding of current digital workflows, media archives, and industry-wide standards of quality management. Excellent organizational skills required; working knowledge of scheduling and coordinating work at post production facilities, technical documentation of data resources, or technical understanding of production and post production is preferred.

Written and oral communication skills, software skills including use of Microsoft Office products. Understanding and functional knowledge of databases required.  Education: College-level degree or courses in film/television/video production, information technology or archive management preferred.

Interested parties can submit their resume to Michael Friend (