Los Angeles, CA: Archivist, Inveniem

Job Opening Title: Archivist

Employer Name: Inveniem

Job Location: Los Angeles, CA

Application Deadline:

Salary Range:

Link to job posting: https://www.indeed.com/q-Inveniem-l-Los-Angeles,-CA-jobs.html

Years of experience required:

Job Description (if URL to posting not available). Please include instructions for how to apply.: Company Information:

Inveniem is an archiving and technology company that works directly with artists, record labels, estates, and celebrities on finding, organizing, preserving, and monetizing their artifacts and history. Inveniem’s overarching message to its clients is “Your Past Is Your Future” and this philosophy sets the tone for how the company partners with its clients to use the archiving process and technology to both preserve legacies and connect clients more deeply with their fans. The company’s client list is confidential, but it includes some of the most well-known industry leaders in the world. Inveniem is especially interested in qualified candidates who can contribute to the diversity and excellence of our organization.

Job Responsibilities

Ensure client content integrity and security.
Work on-site at clients’ location and/or company’s vault(s) at company’s discretion.
Accurately and efficiently handle and archive assigned client content and data using established and approved Inveniem archiving processes.
Enter specific clients’ archive data and information into approved Inveniem databases including: Excel (must be well-versed), FileMaker Pro, Jira Project Management, and others as required.
Make digitization recommendations of client content to Vault Manager and Senior Archivist.
Communicate with Vault Manager and Senior Archivist regarding archive needs, procedures, materials, and specific initiative progress.
Consistently update Inveniem team with clients’ archiving status, concerns, and needs.
Thoroughly document all procedures for archive operations and all Inveniem software.
We handle many types of materials on a daily basis; including: various types of film formats (35mm to 110mm, transparencies, negatives, Polaroids, photos, etc.), printed and handwritten documents, art layouts, posters, clothing, memorabilia, etc. Experience handling, knowledge of, and preservation for these types of materials is crucial.

Preferred Experience/Qualities

Superior attention to detail and confidentiality
Appreciation and knowledge of entertainment industry history
1-2 years relevant work experience in an archive or museum
Demonstrated practical knowledge of archival policies, databases and procedures
Ability to work independently and to exercise discretion, initiative, sensitivity, and judgment
Strong writing and verbal communication skills
Ability to work cooperatively, respectfully and effectively with others in a fast-paced environment
Project management experience