Remote Work: Digital Asset Administrator – Ecomm Emphasis (term), Hasbro

Job Opening Title: Digital Asset Administrator – Ecomm Emphasis

Employer Name: Hasbro

Job Location: Remote

Application Deadline: 2/25/21

Salary Range: $20/hour

Link to job posting:

Years of experience required: 2-4

Job Description (if URL to posting not available). Please include instructions for how to apply.: Ecomm emphasis (9 1/2 month Contract, Working Remotely)
Email resumes to

The Digital Asset Administrator is responsible for ensuring on time secure delivery of all digital assets approved for distribution through the content management system by collaborating with cross functional team members in design, editorial, marketing, photo studios, Ecomm, and IT teams. Requires strong digital workflow background, expert organizational skills, intermediate experience with graphic software, proficient experience with Excel, and exceptional customer service as well as written communication.

• Main focus is direct digital asset management for Global Ecomm assets. Responsible for both upload and distribution via Hasbro’s Content Service Portal, with an emphasis on curation, metadata and tracking to support many global teams.

• Daily and weekly upload notifications, high volume of detailed asset tracking and communication. Main point of contact for assets availability status, using a variety of reports and internal programs.

• Manage the access and secure release of final Ecomm Image, Copy, Video and Toolkit assets on Hasbro’s Content Service Portal. Ensures secure release of sensitive movie-related and/or licensed assets by adhering to Hasbro’s Intellectual Property policy and release dates provided by Marketing. Assets include product photography, renders, packaging files, copy, toolkits, logos, video and more.

• Digital Asset Administrator will prepare, maintain and retrieve upon request all digital assets within Hasbro’s Content Services Portal. Also create Closed Captioning VTT files as needed for Ecomm Video assets.

• Must provide dynamic and adaptive support to ever changing Ecomm DAM needs, while maintaining a high level of asset integrity. Must be adaptable to frequently changing processes, asset delivery and new asset types.

• Interacts with various global photo studios and brand design teams on a regular basis in order to maintain a smooth flow of image creation, filenaming conventions and post-upload asset metadata.

• Ensures accurate content upload and naming conventions, applies security settings and release dates to individual assets.

• Ensures asset integrity by conducting periodic audits of assets by brand, policy and metadata tags in the content service portal.

Digital Asset Management experience, proficient with Excel, Teams, SharePoint & Outlook, basic PowerPoint knowledge.
Basic knowledge of metadata, subtypes, and DAM servers.
Good analytic skills. Excellent communication/customer service skills.
Photoshop and Closed Captioning experience optional, but helpful.

Bachelor’s degree in DAM, Graphics Fieldsor Information & Library Science required.

2-4 yrs work experience in Digital Asset Management and/or administrative project management.

Ideally has a proficient understanding of principles being a Content Steward, which is someone with admin permissions to a company intranet site who can upload/download/ manage restricted and non restricted digital assets.

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