[REPOSTED] Petaluma, CA: Library & Archives Manager, Design and Agriculture Nonprofit Organization

Job Opening Title: Library & Archives Manager

Employer Name: Bay Area Design & Agriculture Nonprofit (confidential for now)

Job Location: Petaluma, California

Application Deadline:

Salary Range:

Link to job posting: https://grnh.se/43c08c4e4us

Years of experience required: 5 years+

Job Description (if URL to posting not available). Please include instructions for how to apply.: We are a new San Francisco Bay Area nonprofit organization with an important architecture and design library and significant archives collection. We are seeking a librarian/archivist to manage the cataloging of all materials and facilitate the creation of a research library and archives. A Masters in Library Science with formal training in archives and several years of experience is preferred, along with a passion for architecture and design.

You will be responsible for…

Planning and Initial Steps
– Survey and assess library and archives collections to gain a basic level of intellectual and physical control.
– Outline goals and collection parameters in collaboration with the Collections’ team.
– Identify policy needs (ie management, processing) and procedures with a goal of creating documentation that will be refined over time.

Management of Library & Archives
– Devise and implement organizational, processing, and cataloging strategies for the library and 2D archives under the care of the Institute, including, among other things, books, correspondence, ephemera, posters, photographs, and works of art on paper.
– Research, recommend and implement long-term archives management system(s) in coordination with Collections Manager & Registrar.
– Oversee library and archives data entry and tracking (i.e. barcoding) systems.
– Monitor and ensure clean, orderly library and archives workspaces at all facilities.
– Establish and track overall budget for library and archives management.

Conservation & Preservation
– Monitor the library and archives on an ongoing basis with regard to conservation issues.
– Identify, interview, enlist, and interface with conservators when necessary.
– Collaborate with Collections team in conceptualizing a digital preservation policy and a digital asset management policy. Also identify appropriate systems and create an implementation plan.
– Coordinate selection, training, and supervision of interns and staff to support implementation of the aforementioned management, conservation, and preservation goals.
– Coordinate activities with the Collections Manager & Registrar to ensure excellence across both internal care and external loans.

Archives & Library Access
– Collaborate in conceptualizing and then implementing policy and procedure for access to the Institute archives and library for team members and qualified members of the public, including scholars. –
– Establish both physical and remote access to information about the Institutes library and archives collections.
– Represent the Institute at professional conferences for archivists and librarians. Stay current with professional association memberships, so that the Institute library and archives are operating at the highest level of current professional best practice.
– Stay current with professional association memberships, so that the Institute library and archives are operating at the highest level of current professional best practice.
– Interface with other institutions and pertinent institutional databases worldwide, identifying opportunities to create partnerships and linked data, where appropriate.
– Ensure that the Institute archives and library are professionally staffed, over time made fully accessible, and physically maintained to the highest possible industry standards.

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