Remote Work: PT Archival Film and Rights Researcher (term), Lumen Productions

Job Opening Title: archival rights and archival searcher

Employer Name: Lumen prod

Job Location: from their home

Application Deadline:

Salary Range: 250 per day

Link to job posting:

Years of experience required: 3

Job Description (if URL to posting not available). Please include instructions for how to apply.: Part time archival film research film finder and rights negotiation — on a film called AFTER,

AFTER is an 80 minute festival documentary film and a 60 minute version for an international television audience. Featuring some of the world’s greatest poets and actors including Leonard Cohen. Alicia Ostriker, Ed Hirsch and Yehuda Amchai.

The Premise
We need fresh ways in which to transmit the moral lessons, insights, and wisdom that can be gained through remembering. AFTER is an exploration of Holocaust poetry and evolves into contemporary human struggle realities. We invite younger viewers, born long after the Shoah into an entertainment-based culture, to learn about history from the “inside out,” using the contemporary universal language of movies to deliver the message. AFTER breaks through age and cultural barriers by using a diversity of survivors, poets, actors, musicians, and slam/spoken word poets. By creatively delivering it, viewers will engage with, and learn about the Shoah, and be made aware of current struggles and their effects. It is through the wide range of cinematic techniques used that make AFTER exciting to a broad audience across cultures.

To apply:

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