Columbus, IN: Two Grad Student Archives Co-op Positions (1 yr term), Cummins Inc.

Submitter Name: Lori Lindberg

Job Opening Title: Archives Co-op Position (1 year, full-time)

Employer Name: Cummins Inc.

Job Location: Columbus, IN

Application Deadline: Dec 20, 2021

Salary Range: unavailable

Link to job posting:

Years of experience required: 1+

Job Description (if URL to posting not available). Please include instructions for how to apply.: I am searching for TWO graduate students willing to relocate for at least a year to Columbus, Indiana. I work for The Winthrop Group, who has a contract with the company Cummins Inc. – Cummins will pay relocation cost from your school to Columbus, so you need to get to your school and Cummins will pay your way from there. I can help you locate a place to live.

This is a 12-month, full-time, paid position, possibly with benefits. You must be enrolled as a student. I cannot give you the wage, but I do know it is enough to feed and house yourself. You will speak with their HR person about that.

A year ago, I took a contract job for the Winthrop Group as Lead Archivist for what is currently named the Cummins Heritage Center. It is an outgrowth of the 100th Anniversary of Cummins Inc. and other efforts at historic preservation and restoration within and outside the company. My shop has two large parts: a documentation center and a products/restoration center. Our objects range from Board of Directors meeting minutes, contracts, and patents, to engineering drawings, test reports, engines and engine parts to historic race cars. There is also plenty of material in between.

Cummins is a Fortune 200 multinational company based in Columbus, Indiana, a town widely known as the most architecturally significant small city in the United States. Cummins has been in business since 1919. You can find out more about Cummins by visiting their website:

I am blowing through the paper fairly quickly and will be acquiring more. However, for these co-op opportunities I need help with photographs and various video formats. I have thousands of everything: photos of all sizes, slides, negatives, transparencies, 18mm film, 35mm film, U-matic cassettes, 1-inch reel, Betamax, Beta, VHS cassettes, CDs/CD-R that need organizing, reviewed, cataloged, preserved, digitized and/or reformatted. This is an opportunity for a driven person to learn how to create policies and workflows, how to decide on standards and a metadata framework, how to evaluate quality of originals, plus reinforce principles of arrangement and documenting groups of materials.

We have recently acquired ArchivEra software from Lucidea to be our CMS. It will be made available company-wide via Cummins’ intranet and we will be implementing it at the turn of the year.

I can’t provide details about pay, but I can send you to the right person for more information. You can access the job listing link above.
Scroll and scroll…but DO stop at the benefits!

Do not be shocked that it does not mention archives. The positions are under Marketing and Communications, because that is where we rest for now. Cummins has a robust internship/co-op program and coordinates many different positions. The Cummins Heritage Center has an HR person assigned to this business unit and they have the required knowledge, skills and abilities criteria (I know, because I wrote them 😉 ), so contact them, and mention when you apply that you are interested in the positions with the Cummins Heritage Center.

Come work with me!

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