Atlanta, GA: RFP Archives & Records Manager, The Grand Boule of Sigma Pi Phi Fraternity

Job Opening Title: Archives and Records Manager

Employer Name: The Grand Boule of Sigma Pi Phi Fraternity

Job Location: Atlanta, GA

Application Deadline: Until Filled

Salary Range:

Years of experience required: 1=

Job Description (if URL to posting not available). Please include instructions for how to apply.: REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL
Archives and Records Management – Grant Writing for the
Grand Boulé of Sigma Pi Phi Fraternity
November 10, 2021
Organization Overview:
The Grand Boulé of Sigma Pi Phi Fraternity (The Boulé) is the nation’s first and oldest African American fraternity, founded in 1904. With a membership of more than 5,000 of the nation’s and the world’s most prominent leaders, The Boulé effects change and educational uplift. Its mission is to support social action, public policy, and educational pursuits that create parity in the lives of African Americans, as well as to provide a brotherhood of like-minded men of letters and distinction to join their efforts for these and other purposes. The Boulé Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization with a multimillion endowment, has supported the nation’s Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) and the United Negro College Fund. More than a century of history has been accumulated in many archives around the country and in The Boulé’s in-house archives.

Project Overview:
The Boulé is seeking bids to manage their in-house archives, active records; to write grants for member boulés with 501(c)(3) foundations to support their social action and education programs; and other administrative duties as assigned to assist the Grand Grammateus. The contractor fulfilling this role will report to the Grand Grammateus. The position calls for strict confidentiality and handling of sensitive documents; a non-disclosure agreement must be signed. The ideal contractor will provide the following to The Boulé:

The Boulé Archivist
● manages the in-house collection of digital archives that are presently a terabyte of information that will grow with proper management.
● assists in planning and maintaining proper storage of the archives; keeps abreast of storage innovations and challenges.
● manages the lifecycle of records and the transfer of active records to archives.
● completes the processing of the Fisk University scans by dividing and labeling documents until archival software is secured. Experience with Collective Access software is a plus.
● completes the digitizing of all remaining physical membership and Boulé Foundation records.
● proficient in ingest, metadata, provenance, authentication, and access; should be capable of working with born-digital as well as digitized documents.
● possess strong research ability required; must be able to locate evidence of generational and individual membership, transfers and other subjects using multiple documents with similar names. Genealogy experience is a plus.
● liaise with multiple national archives repositories for research, especially around Grand Boulés and member boulé anniversaries. Research and document the locations of member boulé archives in repositories around the country.
● assist member boulé s in setting up electronic archives and assisting them in their own digital transformation of paper records.
● advocate for the location and digitization of member boulé archives within the Grand Boulé archives.
● responsible for maintaining the database of Deeds of Gift and the location of archives nationally and internationally. Advocate that donors maintain control and access over their archives, especially membership records.
● responsible for posting archives and historically related blogs on our social media app.
● deliver weekly archives reports at weekly staff meetings.
● responsible for assisting the Grand Boulé Historian, the History and Archives Committee, and Grand Grapter in preparing history exhibits and other content. Appearance and program development and delivery at the biennial Grand Boulé is a plus.

The records manager must
● be proficient in secure digital and physical records management.
● be capable of digitizing relevant physical records as needed and according to a retention schedule.
● manage active records throughout their lifecycle and with particular attention to secure retention and disposition.
● maintain and update retention schedules to improve records storage management.
● conduct office server email management to improve disposition and reduce redundant, obsolete, and transitory data (ROT).
● conduct e-discovery of records both financial and active administrative records.
● maintain a records management policy to support all retention and disposition actions.

The grant writing professional must be skilled at
● prospecting for funding opportunities that support the member boulé social action and education programs
● assisting member boulé s grants cultivation, meeting grant guidelines, and preparing the required data and evidence of their program’s impact
● preparing electronic grant applications
● strong writing skills, especially in confined spaces
● liaising with multiple leadership and board members
● advocating for reporting of success in an online format which most funders either require or desire.
● maintaining professional development and professional contacts to keep abreast of changing priorities in the grant world and with individual funders

● Higher education degree
● At least 2 years archive experience
● At least 2 year of records management experience

● Advanced degree in archives and records management
● Evidence of grant writing success
● GPA, CFRP, RIM, or CA certifications

The contractor is applying for an independent annual contract subject to renewal 30 days before the end of each performance year and subject to no benefits. Ideally, the contractor should be local to Atlanta, GA, as in-office tasks will be assigned. Submit a proposal for an annual cost with a breakdown for each section.

To apply, please submit a proposal with annual cost bid to

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