Torrance, CA: Film Vault/Scanning Technician, Duplitech

Job Opening Title: Film Vault/Scanning Technician

Employer Name: Duplitech

Job Location: Torrance, CA

Application Deadline:

Salary Range: $20-$25/hour DOE

Link to job posting:

Years of experience required: 2

Job Description (if URL to posting not available). Please include instructions for how to apply.: Founded in 1996, Duplitech is one of L.A.’s most respected independent media service labs. We provide a full range of content delivery solutions: On Disc, On Demand, On DCP and On Film. Our in-house services include: Film Scanning, Color Grading and Restoration, Technical Editing and Asset Conform, Standards Conversion, Subtitling, 5.1 Faux Audio Upmix and 3D Motion Graphic Design/Animation.


To prepare 16mm and 35mm archival film elements for 2K and 4K scanning
Visually identify, inspect, handle, clean film assets; able to assess quality of various elements received
Manage cleaning of film elements prior to scanning
Receiving and barcoding library/media assets
Inputting metadata into Zytech Media Pulse database system
Thread film & operate a LaserGraphics Director 4k Film Scanner
Thread film & operate a Blackmagic Cintel Film Scanner


At least 2+ years handling 16mm and/or 35mm motion picture film elements
Editing/splicing/repairing film, and properly inspecting for sprocket or frame damage
Inventory management and data entry experience (knowledge of Zytech Media Pulse is a plus)
Understanding of film scanning

Preferred Qualifications:

Weekend and evening availability is a plus
Prior experience as a telecine operator, datacine operator, and/or projectionist
Experience using the Lipsner Smith film cleaner
Experience with magnetic audio
Experience with 1″ video tape transfer

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