Fort Apache, AZ: Contract Archivist, Fort Apache Heritage Foundation

Job Opening Title: Contract Archivist

Employer Name: Fort Apache Heritage Foundation

Job Location: Fort Apache, White Mountain Apache Tribe Lands, Arizona

Application Deadline: ASAP. Open until filled

Salary Range: $50,000–$85,000/year, DOE

Years of experience required: 3

Job Description (if URL to posting not available). Please include instructions for how to apply.: The Fort Apache Heritage Foundation (Foundation), a nonprofit subsidiary of the White Mountain Apache Tribe and a partner with the Tribe’s Nohwike’ Bágowa Museum and Cultural Center, has funds available for contracting with a professional archivist for approximately one year to work with the Tribe’s collections of litigation and heritage resource documents, maps, photographs, and ephemera. The Foundation exists to redevelop the Fort Apache and Theodore Roosevelt School National Historic Landmark for community-based economic development, cultural perpetuation, education, and health.

Funding for this contract comes from a combination of external grants and internal Foundation programming funds. Professional archival work on the Tribe’s Archive has four broad goals:
1. Boost preservation standards and management controls for the Tribe’s Archive;
2. Enable community and researcher access to the Archive and sharing of family knowledge;
3. Enhance the Archive as a repository for preserving the Tribe’s records;
4. Establish plans and protocols for growing, refining, and sustaining the Archive.

The selected archivist would be contracted to produce a work plan deliverable the first 30 days, then to implement the work plan over the course of an ~11-month contract. Initial expectations are that the work plan will emphasize four interrelated tasks:
A. Coordination and collaboration (including possible enlistment of interns);
B. Assessment, inventory, and integration of existing documentation;
C. Threat and risk mitigation;
D. Conservation, policy, and practice planning and preparation of draft recommendations (and grant proposals to implement the plans and recommendations).

Most work would need to occur at Fort Apache, with some remote work possible. Contract negotiations will include provisions for an hourly work rate and travel expenses, as needed.

Funds are also available for the purchase of equipment, supplies, software, etc. All work, including a final report on activities, must be completed before 31 Dec. 2023.

John Welch, Foundation Board Secretary, is the point of contact and principal investigator. Krista Beazley, Foundation CEO, is the project administrator.

Qualified professional archivists (especially members of the Academy of Certified Archivists, or equivalent) wishing to be considered should send a letter of interest, along with a resume or CV, to John at Preference in contractor selection will be given to Indigenous Persons. Questions or requests, including any request for a teleconference to discuss the project, should be submitted to John via email.

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