Washington, DC: Audio Preservation Specialist (term), Smithsonian Libraries & Archives

Job Opening Title: Audio Preservation Specialist

Employer Name: Smithsonian Libraries and Archives, Audiovisual Media Preservation Initiative

Job Location: Washington, DC

Application Deadline: 07/26/2022

Salary Range: $61,947 – $80,532

Link to job posting: https://www.usajobs.gov/job/664964700

Years of experience required:

Job Description (if URL to posting not available). Please include instructions for how to apply.: The Audiovisual Media Preservation Initiative (AVMPI) is a new, centralized program that supports the preservation needs of audio, video, and film collections found across the Smithsonian Institution. In order to stem the tide of irreparable loss, the initiative is focusing on five main goals to enhance the public’s access to the Institution’s audiovisual collections: facility development, collection prioritization, workflow development, increased digital infrastructure, and innovative accessibility solutions.

To support these goals, the Audio Preservation Specialist will:

– Be responsible for performing the digitization of various audiotape formats using archival tape machines and Smithsonian-approved capture software.
– Handle collection materials in accordance with international standards for media appropriately and carefully, ensuring no damage occurs during the digitization process.
– Ensure technical metadata is successfully embedded into files and deliver final preservation master files to SI staff in accordance with AVMPI’s workflows.
– Perform periodic quality control checks on audiotape decks to ensure they are in proper working order, and calibrate decks as needed.
– Inspect the technical elements (such as reproducer levels, frequency response, phase correlation, and digital artifacts) of digitized audio files and ensure that these elements are within the acceptable range.
– Organize workflow efficiently to maximize production and meet deadlines and adhere to digitization workflow requirements, adjusting for special circumstances when necessary.
– Ensure files are ingested into the Smithsonian’s Digital Asset Management system (DAMS) within a timely manner and conduct integrity checks on the files ingested.

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