Santa Fe, NM: Contract Archivist/Librarian, New Mexico Interstate Stream Commission

Job Opening Title: Archivist/librarian (contract)

Employer Name: New Mexico Interstate Stream Commission

Job Location: Santa Fe, NM

Application Deadline: open till filled

Salary Range: contract amount to be determined

Years of experience required:

Job Description (if URL to posting not available). Please include instructions for how to apply.: To Whom It May Concern:

The New Mexico Interstate Stream Commission’s (NMISC) Colorado River Basin Bureau has prepared this draft Scope of Work to generate discussion on the proposed project below and determine interest from potential contractors. If you have questions about the proposed project, wish to schedule a visit to view the collections and discuss the project, or would like to submit a proposal, please contact Colleen Cunningham at the NMISC.

Colleen Cunningham
New Mexico Interstate Stream Commission
Environmental Scientist
Work Cell phone: (505) 487-0910
The New Mexico Interstate Stream Commission’s (NMISC) Colorado River Basin Bureau (CRB) has considerable volumes of historical documents and reports in the Santa Fe office of the NMISC. Those documents are currently in various locations within the Bataan Building. Given the Bureau staff’s heavy workload, except for searching for specific materials for certain purposes, it has not been possible to sort through all those materials.

Through this scope of work, X, will provide the NMISC with archivist/librarian services for historical information (books and reports) held by the Colorado River Basin Bureau (CRB).

Details are provided in the scope of work (SOW) below. The period of service for this work order is from Notice to Proceed (NTP) to June 30, 2023.

Scope of Work
Tasks are not necessarily presented in order. No task will begin until after the issuance of the Notice To Proceed (“NTP”).

1.X will ensure accurate reporting, invoicing, and completion of tasks by due dates. The NMISC CRB Contract Manager will confer with X as needed.
In order to effectively manage the project, the contractor will submit invoices to the NMISC contract manager monthly no later than the 10th of the month following the month for which services are being billed.

The contractor shall participate in meetings (in-person or virtual) as needed. It is anticipated that at least one meeting per month will be needed for the duration of the contract. X will attend a mandatory kickoff meeting in in the NMISC’s office in Santa Fe, New Mexico to discuss expectations. During that meeting, there will be a tour of the different locations where the historical information is stored. This kickoff meeting will take place no later than 2 weeks after NTP.

2. X will catalog/categorize the historical information of the (books and reports) and identify duplicates. Representatives from the NMISC will assist as needed to locate the items and verify that they pertain to the CRB. An office/workspace will be provided in the Bataan building for the contractor.

3. X will appraise and research the historical information (books and reports) of the NMISC’s CRB to identify key documents that are of importance and potential value to the agency. Determination of importance will be made in conjunction with the NMISC CRB and its contractor, John Whipple.

4. X will develop a storage and catalog system for the items retained by the NMISC. John Whipple will provide guidance in grouping the information to make it more accessible as called for in Mr. Whipple’s Work Order. X will organize the information in storage location(s) according to the storage and catalog system approved by NMISC.

5. X will provide any internal memos or correspondence located during the cataloging process to the NMISC CRB Contract Manager for storage.

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