[REVISED] Tucson, AZ: Technical Services Manager (Archivist III), Center for Creative Photography, University of Arizona

Job Opening Title:
Technical Services Manager (Archivist III) (UPDATED)

Name of Employer:
Center for Creative Photography, The University of Arizona

Job Site Location :
Tucson, AZ

Application Deadline:
Applications will be reviewed beginning February 20, 2023

Minimum Degree Requirement:
Bachelor’s degree or equivalent advanced learning attained through professional level experience

Years of experience required:
Minimum 5 years or relevant experience, including 3 years’ experience in creation of DACS compliant archival finding aids using EAD mark-up, and 3 years’ experience in creation of MARC records for archival collections

Salary Range:
$53,463 – $62,000 (DOE)

Job opening URL:

Job Description (if URL to posting not available). Include instructions for how to apply.:
Position update, please note: Applications will be reviewed beginning February 20, 2023.

Position Highlights
The Technical Services Manager oversees the development of a user-centered archival processing program for the Center for Creative Photography (CCP) and manages other elements of metadata creation in support of digital and special collections. As a creative and collaborative member of CCP’s Archives team, the Technical Services Manager works to optimize accessioning workflows; proposes policies, procedures, and workflows for efficient processing; processes and oversees processing of archival collections; designs and implements assessments to assist in understanding collection needs and prioritizing; and makes recommendations for tools, platforms and workflows. The Technical Services Manager establishes, documents and maintains policies for effective and efficient organization, description, and discovery of primary resource materials; coordinates arrangement and description workflows; and trains staff on best practices.

Duties & Responsibilities
Processing/Processing Management
• Provides expertise in the areas of cataloging and archival processing, developing and implementing user-centered approaches to accessing archival collections.
• In coordination with the Head of Archives, sets processing priorities and addresses backlogs to ensure timely access to and discoverability of the Center’s archival holdings.
• Develops and oversees implementation of processing plans for archival collections, creating finding aids and other descriptive metadata in accordance with best practices and in the spirit of continuous innovation.
• Works with the Digital Archivist to make sure born-digital materials are properly transferred.
• In coordination with Head of Archives, determines and communicates needs and priorities of incoming accessions, creating project plans and managing their execution efficiently and effectively.
• Plans and oversees the work of graduate or undergraduate students or short-term temporary workers related to processing or special projects.
• Participates in the ongoing development of CCP accessioning, processing and description documentation
• Manages and/or contributes to retrospective projects designed to establish baseline stabilization and description of the backlog of archival holdings.

Appraisal and acquisitions activities
• Manages appraisal and survey operations for new acquisitions and makes recommendations for disposition of materials based on appraisal guidelines.
• Manages CCP Archive and Records Program.
• Verifies new acquisitions against any available descriptions created by donors, collection creators, and/or CCP colleagues and migrates into archival systems.
• Creates accession records for incoming materials in all formats, prioritizing discoverability through the efficient and effective creation of stub records in ArchivesSpace.
• Ensures that correspondence with donors, field notes, and other relevant documentation about new acquisitions is deposited in control folders.
• Participates in relationship management activities related to acquisitions, as assigned.
• Records restrictions in accordance with policies, donor agreements, or other legal or statute basis.
• Assists the onsite appraisals as needed.

Collection Management
• Consults with Conservation as needed regarding condition, housing and storage considerations, performs basic condition assessments.
• Develops and implements archival collection preservation plans, identifies and refers items as necessary for conservation treatment.
• Maintains appropriate physical housing and storage of collections, updating location information and striving to provide the most efficient and effective stacks organization in support of preservation and paging activities.

Contributions to Center and Profession:
• Promotes the collections and work of CCP by participating in instruction sessions for the community and serving on the CCP social media team.
• Participates in the CCP reference desk rotation and answers remote reference queries as assigned.
• Contributes to collaborative initiatives and in professional organizations related to job duties.
• Develops and maintains in-depth knowledge of changes and trends in archival arrangement, description, and access methodologies establishing standards for collections.
• Develops and maintains in-depth knowledge of current and emerging trends in cataloging rules, standards, and methodologies for collections.
• Other duties as assigned.

For more information about this job and how to apply, please visit: https://arizona.csod.com/ui/internal-career-site/app/job-details/12422

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