East Brunswick, NJ: Freelance Collection Processor (term), Gale, A Cengage Company

Job Opening Title:
Collection Processor (freelance)

Name of Employer:
Gale, A Cengage Company

Job Site Location (City, State) :
East Brunswick, New Jersey

Application Deadline:
April 15 2023

Minimum Degree Requirement:

Years of experience required:

Salary Range:
$25.00 per hour

Job Opening URL:

Job Description (if URL to posting not available). Include instructions for how to apply.:
Gale Primary Sources, the digital collections publishing division of Gale, a Cengage company, is seeking a Freelance Collection Processor to prepare a large collection of historical materials related to the history of refugeeism during post-war period. The collection comes from the special collections division of Rutgers University and comprises 77 banker boxes of textual materials in their original folders. Most materials comprise written reports, memoranda, organizational minutes, and institutional correspondence. Most documentation is letter-sized typescripts on standard paper or onion-skin carbons. Also included are ephemera (brochure, pamphlets, etc.), legal-sized reports and other documents reflecting the richness of the records collected. Processing of this collection will serve as initial staging for its digitization as part of an online collection devoted to telling the story through primary sources of refugees during the early Cold War era. Processing work shall be conducted at a third-party facility located in East Brunswick, New Jersey.

The Collection Processor will be required to perform the following tasks:
• The separation and relocation of duplicate items.
• Removal of blank sheets or possibly superfluous sheets (to be determined upon review)
• Chronological ordering of contents, where warranted, within folders
• Safe removal of fasteners (staples, paper clips, butterfly clips, binding clips, brads, 2-hole punch fasteners, rubber bands, and other types of paper fasteners).
• The uncreasing or unfolding of pages.
• The reorienting of materials, such as the placing right side/first page side up (recto) of materials and the 90-degree rotation appropriate to the content (type) and document size.
• Replacement of holding materials (folders, optionally boxes) with archival quality versions.
• The recording and possible renaming of folders.
• The possible reordering of folders (within a box or range of boxes) based on naming arrangement.
• Supervision and training will be provided as needed.

This project is estimated to require a total 385 hours. Hours of work can be negotiated, and we are seeking a freelance processor to start ASAP.

Please send a copy of your resume and a covering letter outlining your availability to lindsay.whitakerguest@cengage.com.

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