East Palo Alto, CA: Archivist, East Palo Alto Community Archive

Job Opening Title:

Name of Employer:
East Palo Alto Community Archive

Job Site Location (City, State) :
East Palo Alto, California, USA

Application Deadline:
June 15, 2023

Minimum Degree Requirement:
Bachelors Degree

Years of experience required:
2 years

Salary Range:
$48,000 – $60,000

Job Opening URL:

Job Description (if URL to posting not available). Include instructions for how to apply.:
The East Palo Alto Community Archive (EPACA), founded in 2020,is a non-profit organization devoted to collecting, sharing, promoting, celebrating and preserving the unique history of the East Palo Alto community for future generations. Through the archive, residents learn about the past and collectively reimagine the future of East Palo Alto, an inclusive, welcoming, connected, multilingual, multicultural community located in the San Francisco Bay Area.
Position Summary
The Archivist reports to the Executive Director and works closely with the Executive Director and the Records Manager to keep the EPACA online artifact database running smoothly, catalog new artifacts, communicate and coordinate with donors and positively represent EPACA to the public. They digitize artifacts and manage the online database and artifact metadata, and the Self-Archiving and Oral History Programs. They also serve as the reference librarian for research requests.
Collections :● Select artifacts to be added to the EPACA collection based on the collection development policy
● Stabilize physical artifacts including identification of preservation needs
● Select artifacts for publication to social media channels (Facebook and Instagram) and exhibits
Technical:● Digitize artifacts using a scanner or digital camera
● Process & catalog new artifacts, including metadata creation and management and rights/deed information
● Report database and website bugs to developers
● Oversee the EPACA Google Shared Drive
Public Relations:● Assist with planning community engagement events and educational programming
● Interact with donors and community members, answering questions related to the archival process and community archives
● Work with patrons to identify materials related to their research needs
● Write blog posts about archival collections, artifacts, and EPACA programs
● Represent EPACA at public events, professional conferences, and in the Bay Area archives community.
Preferred Qualifications: ● Bilingual in English and Spanish
● MLIS from an ALA-accredited university
● Experience working with culturally diverse populations

Expressions of interest must be submitted to manager@epacommunityarchive.org NO LATER THAN JUNE 15, 2023. All submissions should include a cover letter and current resume.

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