Asking for Reader Input: Rejiggering experience tags

Hi Readers,

I’ve been thinking about changing something about the “experience-level” tag I assign. Since many new grads are applying for (and landing!) jobs that state a 2-year experience preference/requirement in the posting, I’m thinking about merging “entry level” and “1-2 years experience” into one tag: 0-2 years experience. I think it would be easier for readers, and it would certainly be easier for me! Just click below so I can see what you all prefer. If you have comments, please get in touch here, on Twitter, Facebook, or email.

While I’m on the subject, are there any other tags you’d like to change?

Thanks for your time!


Posting Slow-down while at MAC

Hello, Archivists!

I’ll be heading to Lexington to attend MAC tomorrow morning, and as such I may not be posting as frequently as usual for the rest of this week. I will try to post jobs that are emailed to me, though. If you’ll be at MAC and spot me in the crowd, please say hi!

Otherwise, see you all next week!


Vacation break until Feb. 2nd

Hi Everyone,

I’m on a vacation this coming week, so no postings.  I’ll be back on February 2nd.  If you send me a job to post this coming week, I’ll be able to post it when I return.

Have a great week!


Two Announcements: New Tag, and an Interesting Link!

A couple of things before I leave you this Tuesday:

Thing the First: Due to a conversation on Twitter today, I have decided to start tagging tenure track archivist positions posted on here, starting now.  I have not historically tagged these positions, but now you will begin to see the tag “tenure track” show up!  Huzzah!  (You can always shout suggestions my way on Twitter or by Email.  Facebook’s a little more iffy, I don’t always see it.)

Thing the Second: Stephanie Bennett has done a lot of work on a Salary Survey of archivists, also known as How Much Did You Earn in 2013?  Very interesting data in here for archivists at all levels of their careers, go check it out!


(thing the third, because counting is hard): I am going a-conferencing at the Wisconsin Library Association annual conference, so my postings may be light for the next couple of days.


@archivesgig is participating in #AskAnArchivist Day this Thursday, October 30!

What is #AskAnArchivist Day, you ask?  Read more about it here!  I am specifically qualified to answer questions about:

1)  The archives job market, natch!

2)  The archives MA specialization at SLIS, the iSchool at the University of Wisconsin – Madison (my employer).

I always see tweets addressed to @archivesgig, and will reply to pertinent #AskAnArchivist Day tweets under that handle.

Interview with New England Archivists RT for Early Professionals & Students (REPS)

I did an interview with Annalisa Moretti from REPS earlier this month, which is now online.  I have to thank Annalisa for her patience – she sent me these questions in August, and it took me several weeks to get them back to her!

Here’s the interview.  If you have any thoughts about anything I said, I would love to hear from you.  I’m particularly interested in the point of view of archivists who hire!  Since I don’t do much hiring day-to-day (and what hiring I do is outside of the archives world), your input and insights are always welcome.  People who are job hunting, I am interested to hear your thoughts as well!

No posts until August 26!

Hello All,

I will be attending the SAA Annual meeting in Washington, DC next week.  I’m looking forward to seeing familiar faces and meeting new people!  If you’re interested, there are some drop-in times available at the Career Center.  (Protip: there are lots of drop-ins available on Friday from 8-12:30!)  Stop by in Maryland A and B to see if you can claim a time!

The week after that, I will be camping with a canoe and no phone signal, so expect radio silence from me until later in the week of August 25.

If you send me a job to post in the interim, I will not be able to post it until I return.  Thanks for your understanding!

Happy Friday,