Missed the SAA Career Center Appointment Deadline? Fear Not!

Hi Everyone,

If you’re attending the SAA Annual Meeting this August and thought you missed your opportunity to talk to someone at the SAA Career Center, you still have time! The career center is 100% volunteer staffed with professional archivists who work in all kinds of institutions and who are excited to talk to you! Whether you’re just entering the workforce or you’ve been working a while and want to talk to someone who works in an area you’re interested in moving into, this is a wonderful opportunity to pick someone’s brain. You can have someone who has hiring experience take a look at your cover letter and CV/resume and give helpful feedback.

The Career Center does accept and encourage drop-ins, but the very best way to ensure you get to meet with the advisor of your choice is to take a peek at the schedule and book your appointment by Friday, July 22nd. There are two tabs on the Google sheet document: The schedule, and the list of advisors and their position and institution of employment. Any name on the schedule sheet that is already bolded and underlined already an appointment booked at that time.

Once you have chosen your preferred appointment, please email me at mclowe@wisc.edu, and I’ll book your appointment and put you in touch with your advisor.

The SAA Career Center is located in the Networking Cafe (Hilton Hotel Salon A).