Boston, MA: Archivist, WGBH

Job Opening Title: Archivist

Employer Name: WGBH

Job Location: Boston, MA

Application Deadline:

Link to job posting:

Years of experience required: 0-5

Job Description (if URL to posting not available). Please include instructions for how to apply.: The employee in this position is responsible for the application of professional archival principles and practices to the NEH-funded WGBH Digital Infrastructure Project, as well as various other assignments involving the WGBH Media Library and Archives and the American Archive of Public Broadcasting.

Responsibilities include:

– Coordinate quality control of digitized video and audio files
– Communicate with digitization vendor
– Validate and update legacy metadata for digitized material
– Test workflows for automating ingest of files and metadata into WGBH systems
– Manage proxy files through Sony Ci
– Coordinate with programmer analyst and metadata specialist on testing automated workflows for metadata enhancement through computational and machine learning tools
– Assist with preparing and shipping analog materials for digitization
– Support long-term preservation of files on LTO tape


– Familiarity with metadata standards including PBCore
– Familiarity with XML
– Familiarity with digital preservation best practices and open source tools
– Understanding of best practices around audiovisual media
– Excellent organizational skills
– Enthusiasm for public media and its history
Demonstrated interest/investment in audiovisual archives

– MLIS degree or equivalent
– Familiarity with open source tools used to manage audiovisual media including FFmpeg, MediaInfo, and QCTools
– Experience working with LTO data tape
– Experience working with the command line and simple scripting/programming
– Experience collaborating with remote partners on projects across multiple institutions
– Experience working with digitization vendors
– Previous experience in an audiovisual and/or digital archive setting.
– Spanish language literacy

Please contact with any questions about the position.