Bellingham, WA: Lead Records Management Specialist, Western Washington University

Job Opening Title: Lead Records Management Specialist

Employer Name: Western Washington University

Job Location: Bellingham, WA

Application Deadline: Application review begins 1 October 2021; open until filled.

Salary Range: $51,432 to $55,524 annually

Link to job posting:

Years of experience required:

Job Description (if URL to posting not available). Please include instructions for how to apply.: Western Washington University invites creative and collaborative applicants for the position of Lead Records Management Specialist. This position coordinates the University‚Äôs records management functions, including the university’s official retention schedules; provides training and expert consultation to staff at all levels of the institution regarding records management; oversees the University Records Center; and serves as Western’s designated Records Officer (RCW 40.14.040). The position is located within the University Archives and Records Management unit of Western Libraries, Division of Heritage Resources.

Salary: Typical starting salary is $51,432 to $55,524 annually, depending on qualifications and experience. The salary for this position is assigned to Range 53 of the salary schedule for represented employees under the Professional and Technical Employees (PTE) bargaining unit, with a full range of $51,432 to $69,264.

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