New York, NY: Processing Archivist (term), Creatd

Job Opening Title: Processing Archivist (Two Year term)

Employer Name: Creatd

Job Location: New York, New York

Application Deadline: March 28th, 2022

Salary Range: $80k

Link to job posting:

Years of experience required: Minimum 2 years

Job Description (if URL to posting not available). Please include instructions for how to apply.: A truly unique opportunity awaits the prospective candidate of Processing Archivist who will organize and describe the Bob Guccione Collection, a privately owned collection which highlights the legacy and cultural impact of Bob Guccione, creator of Penthouse and Omni Magazines. This is a two year, full time position located in Manhattan at Creatd. The Processing Archivist will report to Creatd staff for day to day business needs but report to two professional, offsite Archivists regarding all archival processes including processing, digitizing and digital asset management activities related to the collection. The Guccione collection comprises 35mm slides, prints, negatives, original drawings and illustrations, digitized content (i.e. films), correspondence, and office files.

The Processing Archivist will balance archival best practices with the needs of the collection under private ownership. The Processing Archivist is responsible for the processing, care and documentation of the Guccione collection in all formats, including the physical and intellectual organization of analog and digital holdings, as well as the proper storage and retrieval of holdings. This position will identify physical items requiring additional scope and expertise (e.g. subject knowledge) which will require a solid grounding in the best practices of processing archival collections in print/tangible, born-digital, and web-based formats and proclivity for improving access to and use of this distinctive collection.
To Apply, follow the link above to submit cover letter and resume.

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