Upcoming Summer Professional Development from UW-Madison iSchool

Hi, All! I interrupt (briefly!) the regular flow of job posts to plug some online continuing education programs that my team at the University of Wisconsin Madison Information School has developed for summer. Anyone can take these noncredit programs – you do not have to have any prior affiliation with UW-Madison. Here are a few upcoming online classes that I think would be particularly interesting to Archives Gig followers:

Genealogy Library Services (Jun 19 – July 30)

Strategies for Supervising Part-Time Employees (Jul 10 – Aug 20)

What’s the Buzz? Creating Organic Social Media Content with Wings (Jul 24 – Aug 20)

We’re offering a bunch more classes this summer, and we have fresh programs (online and in-person!) every fall, spring, and summer. Visit our website for more info, and I hope we see you soon!

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